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Wednesday, August 20

But even if I'm loud, doesn't mean I'm talking to you.

Again, it's an unknown song that keeps playing in my head which I didn't know where it came from but the lyrics just got stuck in my cute tiny brain today,as in now.

Just came back after meeting Pong and the gang I've been hanging out with lately, I really hardly met Pong since she went to UK.
Ended up listening to some erotic discussions (I secretly wished they weren't talking that loudly tho),
well yeah, I  mean I know these stuffs, and it's not like I'm such a goodie girl and never talked about it,
I wasn't really embarrassed or whatever, ....but I still feel awkward with Chiam's presence.
(especially when we're sitting on a table and he had to whatsapp me to say that he felt out of place LOLL).
But eventually the girls realised that some might be uneasy and talked about something else, listening to stories is what I'm good at after all. Haa
I couldn't deny that today's topics were far more interesting than  FAQs like:
-Eh,when are you graduating har?
-When your holiday ends?
-Are you staying there for good? (for those studying overseas)
-Where's your gf/bf?
Okay I'm being sarcastic again,that's how you people love me,don't you? XD

The most frequent comment that I had received since Year 3 break started was actually " You are so different now",
Not sure if it was a compliment,or merely because they hadn't seen me in a while.
For just today, I've listened to three people saying roughly the same idea to me, and I was like....okayyyyyy,thank you..? and what now..?

Two of them were my mom's friends actually, and another was surprisingly my long lost primary school friend who just came popping out of nowhere and said hi.
I am glad seeing that that kiddo once such playful and random (still is now,apparently) doing great in performances and university. And of course, feels good somehow for these little acts that show that people care. =D Rock and roll bro!
Ironically, another high school senior (not to say that I dislike this person) was being all fussy and a little bit overly interactive person back in school, did largely the similar thing, but the feedback wasn't pleasing I suppose. Forgive my badtitude, but seriously..? We're not even close to joke around like that.
Nahhhh Flirts you can take my middle finger and get lost. =.=

Once again proven that I'm annoyingly hard-to-get-along kinda person.
Fine Pui Pui was right, but I know by being able to say that to me, she loves me a lot hahahaha.
Good to see your face again ladyyyy, have fun with your eco pool =P
Skypeeee me again when I get back to KL, I'd be so so lonely there. :/

Oh ya, seniors finally graduated!
Congratulations to buddy Peijun, Helen, Mei Mang and the gang whom I barely made friends with.
Had a little chat with MM and felt so happy for her,  I liked her in person probably just because it's uncommon to have random personalities (the less boring ones) in university, which in some aspects I think we resemble each other, minus the passionate part.
That's why we clicked. Haha
Ahhhh Come to the think of it, two more years to struggle, can I make it?
I think I can, could, ought to somehow. 

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