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Thursday, August 7

Another day.

Did exactly the same thing as yesterday.
But had lunch with vivo somewhere near her clinic today. We had dim sum and it was nice.  Or maybe I was just hungry.
Bought some groceries and came home afterwards since it started raining.
So plan changed.  I stayed home to cook bak kut teh. Lol
But the weather got better at 4, thus headed out again to chinatown.
Took the totally different way in the beginning, and took some time and energy to find Pagoda Street.
Yet I got to see a different side of Singapore , flathouses and not so high ended shoplots.
Chinatown is pretty much like a flea market but the streets are beautiful.
Despite its name there're mosques and hindu temple around, just like Malaysia, just less crowded.
And here's photos today.

只是希望她对我的担心少一些,自己在家也可以很开心。虽然我知道她最放不下的是怕女儿选选一下就三十了,尤其是最近一再地提起谁家的谁很不错,lol 。 多希望我是一个有啥就能说啥的人,直接告诉她我懂我要的是什么,朋友和以上的分的很清楚,那妈妈就不用替我

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