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Thursday, May 15

So it's Thursday.

It's been a really hectic week and I can tell from my aching shoulder now.
So after getting back to kl I kinda forced myself to be a bit more active and to sleep less or else I can never get work done.
The progress is still slow, regardless denture or Retainer or whatever.
But I'm so proud of myself that I went to the lab instead of slacking.
Nah I don't care if others have delivered the dentures like weeks ago, I just want my patient to be satisfied with it. And yeah at least these times that we spent together, should speak something for itself.
For aunty's kindness to bring me food every time and encouragement, she definitely deserves a good reward.
On wesak I spent the day hanging out with matrik friends and it was a great one.
Happy birthday to serene. Again.
Always grateful for having them. Silly stuffs we did together I wonder if we'd be like this forever. :)

Exams are coming soon. I  just realized.
But it's Thursday.
Thursday means weekend is coming and no more clinic until the end of Sunday so why books.
I didn't get anything from lectures lately anyway.  Ahh. Exams have such little significance these days.
When troubles strike one doesn't even have time to think about exams.
Bullshitting again. Bla bla bla.

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