Too Fast to live, too young to die.

Because of you I believe in dreams.

Monday, May 5

Hey you.

How am I gonna start this?
First, life's all about making decisions,here and there. Yet you can never predict the outcome of it.
And it ain't as easy as you see.
Yes, you'd probably seen successful examples.But thinking of a bigger picture, there're obstacles from the difference in mentality that you might not see yet.
Taking an example of graduate from course A eventually be in B field, pregnant women changes appetite,
You think it's a good sunny day but you end up soaking in rain,
There's more than one shade between black and white so when you think it's going to be smooth and fine, something will always pop! ...And screw your plan.
Weighing between beautiful lies and harsh reality? I'll go for the latter.
Yeah physical status, age,  whatever, doesn't really matter. Going the long run ?will it be possible to stay the same?
Exposure to new environment makes you change.Atmosphere changes.  Things change from.time to time.
There's still so many uncertainties in your path ahead, then why now.
Hmm. There're too many things to be considered. It's always easier to be said than done; and always easier to fall into illusions than to get your feet back on earth for challenges ahead.
Plus in life, there's a whole lot more to be worried of rather than what you're thinking of.
Nahh why am I nagging again.
Haha. It isn't even that serious right.
Anything I do I do it with reasons, and doesn't need to be solid reasons tho.
Just as you know,
Friendship could be less fragile sometimes.

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