Too Fast to live, too young to die.

Because of you I believe in dreams.

Monday, May 26

Again I tell myself to be stronger than ever

At times like this that feeling sucks
After holding back the bad emotions to myself it's not getting any better.
Despite the soreness in heart I managed to finish what I could and should today.
Once again, I tell myself to stay strong and she didn't mean it.
It's not the first time words like blades they carve bit by bit and make scars.
Yeah if in the past I would've just gotten all emotional and needed someone to talk.
But seriously, no one could help.
I can only do this myself.
At least I have been stronger alright?
At least I know I can get through this.
Even though my work might not be perfect but I will be fine after practicing few times.
I might take longer to pick up skills but whoever said I couldn't,  I'll prove myself.
Perhaps she's just trying to train us to be perfectionist?
I can be better.
I will be fine.

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