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Thursday, November 28


Well fuck it.
Just another stupid dumbass day.
Not made for me.
Well yeah more to come I know that.
First feeling a bit of headache and shoulder ache since morning.
Then wire bending hurt my fingers.
And god damn it my phone batt! Running the lowest that I've ever gotten. Yea stop reminding me to charge.
Then I was all prepared to treat my very first real patient as in public people today.
and seriously, ffk at the last moment? Even after confirming with me on the early morning.
Fine. He has reasons too.
So yeah leaving me one and half hour to figure out what's plan b.
In fact, I don't have one at all! Okay. Let's do this. Just go on and stay calm.
Folder not available on second floor.
Folder has to be taken only after 3.
Folder wrong number. Retake.
Folder is in kru. No. Folder in OM.
Okay finally got the folder.
In a don't know what mental condition, I did the restoration and yeah. Thanks to the crew. Dr yelled a bit but it was fine.  Learning process.

It's just another not really good day.
I guess I'm getting used to it.
Pretty much how im coping with the stress and how I go through each day as well.

Oh yeah.
I sprained my foot while running up and down. Up and down from stairs.
From 3steps away, and it went with a  "crackk" sound.
A lil bit painful.
Can still walk.
Swell minor.
Let's see how it goes tomorrow.

Yeah. Everyone is busy.  So your problem is not causing any fuss to others.
Deal with it yourself.
You can do it.

MOM called and asked me to report anything upsetting to her anytime.
Don't kesi kesi pretend happy in front of us and keep everything within your heart har.
Oh mom
Just don't make me tearing up please.

Folder is

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