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Thursday, September 5

This is not my new semester resolution.

So yeah,byebye to holidays.
Bye bye to second year and Hello to clinical years,probably more challenges awaiting.=)
FRankly,I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO heavy-hearted to leave now.
okay I'm just too lazy to get back to hectic life and all those problem solving by myself.
I enjoyed this holiday very much,I think my stomach would be so thankful tho,for all the nice foods I've tried throughout the trip.
I love Aussie!
I love holiday!
I love food!
List and timetable were released,I hate it!
Time has come that I have to face everything alone,I hate it!
Gonna lose some pounds really,hit the gym again,eat repetitive kind of cereals,catching up with labwork,doing repetitive schedules.
It's not that bad actually.Not bad.

Oh yeah have to get to topic that makes me feel better now.
I've been into Big Bang recently and sooooo obsessed with G-Dragon nowadays!
It's obvious right I know that.
I've come to this stage where I couldn't understand how anyone keen on Kpop would not appreciate what this guy has done throughout his music career..and his whole life!
He's been doing something great now,Coup d'e tat. ( I'd still prefer the previous purer him though)
but this is impressive.
This guy born on 18.8,with his lucky number 88 is getting me crazyyyyy.
I like the fact that he's still the adorable Kwon Ji Yong ever since debut till now, cute and joyful but with bigger dreams to go with.
Wish he'd stay the more unpolluted way though, as he's been trying new stuffs each time,
I could see that he's falling into a devilish bad boy style these days. :(  (still cool but he's enduring too much pressure for someone of his age!)
I want the smiling Kwon Ji Yong back so much.sigh
Few young talents are popping out,B.I ,Bang Yedam,Bobby Kim with their stories similar to GD,being young at 8 or 10 and getting recruited,trained so hard to debut.
I just hope they won't replace Big Bang forever.Another sigh.

Just the thought of giving up my motivation kills me.
Let's stop thinking about it.


Kid 1 Ji Yong~

How's this adorable kid coming back again?:(

That smile that melts hearts.

Another side of HIM : Cuts from Crooked MV

 Kid 2 Tabi~

ps: whenaretheseboyscomingbackaaaaahhhh

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