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Wednesday, September 25

Be the change you wish to see in this world.

Third week of new semester being in third year is coming to the end.
Clinics have been fun so far,learning the basics of basics in ICD, which is also known as the bread and butter of dentistry.
Have to admit that it's gonna take some time to really get used to treating real patients with feelings, responses and feedbacks.
Might need time to master impression pouring, force myself to love completing denture and dealing with strangers everyday.
Going to be more and more challenging,can I take this?
Well, there's a thin line between can,or should, and have to.
I guess I just have to go through these.hmm, such that I can live a life that I want,I have to go on with the routes I have to take first.
Challenges accepted.
Financial wise is not going well this month, my wallet must be crying a lot.
Being called "senior" is still an awkward thing to think of, having to pay for some reasons I don't like is still happening, but yeah, maybe sometimes we just have to do the things we ought to, rather than what we like.
Perhaps it's a process of getting mature,or it's just an excuse to my fading so-called principles,washed away by the mainstream thingy.I don't know.
Don't even care.
There're more things to be cared about,so I care less on stuffs I used to think I'd cling onto for life.
People change,for no doubt.
I grew up again, regardless it's a better me or less good (can't find a proper word to replace worse).
The point is, I love being ME at the moment.
I'm proud of who I am now and won't stop believing.
For friends who have been struggling too, don't stop believing!
Be the change you wish to see in this world.
Cheers for being 21!
And hurray for being single.
*ps. Despite the lonely moments feeling so empty that I wish  to have a company, I think I'm too lazy for anything,or anyone.

*Lovin' Kwon Ji Yong's new album much! Endless inspiration for all the fans!
Leader of trend and master of creativity.
Strong personality that I worship so much.

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