Too Fast to live, too young to die.

Because of you I believe in dreams.

Sunday, June 2

It's not a matter of time,it's a matter of mind.

Fast and Furious 6 was a little let down,it's more of fighting scenes and over "hero-fying" the heroes.
Gal Gadot was hot as hell, but her as Giselle died (or maybe not?) and that was quite upsetting. 
Overall,I still like FF5 which gave me the WOW feeling instead of FF6 of big explosions and army,weapons,etc etc.
I like the big thing,and I expected the big thing from FF6 too,but nahh..just not my thing.

So spent few days with my childhood friend,enemy and family at the same time-that's my cousie.
Had pillow talks,not really pillow alright, had small chats about recent life,about how we grew up,how far had we been through,and how we've lost interest in many things in life and the fading passion over...hmm.
Revealed something that has been deep within my secret chamber for years,which I've abandoned and thought I could let time heal it.
So,well,after all,being honest to myself and admitting that I was part of the reasons we parted, I feel a sense of relief.
Perhaps,it's not a matter of time,it's a matter of mind?
What if you can talk about your scar like it never hurts you, and what if you just suddenly realise that it's r-e-a-l-l-y   o-v-e-r,and you actually don't care of it anymore?
I've grown up,a lil bit?haa

Yes,thanks to my cousin sis for revealing it,and you would certainly thank me later for clearing your mist too.
Stop clinging over something doesn't belong to you,for whatever you like,you can keep it as candy to your heart,but not definitely to have it.
Do you want elegant roses with thorns,or do you want a piece of comfy grassland to lay on?

*Because you know all the tiny little secrets of me,
because you catch my humor and lousy jokes every time,
because we pick on stuffs together,clothes,movies,songs,artists, and guys.
because we fight but never part,
because you know just the way to dig out stuffs I wanna hide =.=
because you know my craziness and silly teen years I wouldn't wanna show
and you share my taste well.hmm

hugsss to sisters. and lotsa love to family.

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