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Monday, May 13

OOAK- Might be crazy,but I love it,so who cares?

It's amazing how much you want something,and have been looking forward to it so long, eventually got it! :DDDD

I'm still basking in the excitement after getting them!blabblabla
yes it's probably the craziest shit I've done,hmm..maybe one of the craziest.haha
Wondered where the heck did my courage and sudden passion came from.
Maybe it's always in my mind,the rebel thingy,and I did it for my 21? 
I guess I'm just another stupid lil fan girl going head over heels to a kpop group,who is coincidentally 21 this year.

yip yip yipee.
GD isn't my biggest bias in Big Bang,how I wish the one I've bought is Big Bang's tour's ticket by the way.
Hmm..but I like all of them anyway,and as what my cousin said, TOP is probably coming because we're going! *ngek ngek
Omo my Tabi. (Miss Chew is gonna argue with me again)

Grateful to have gotten it after the ups and downs,together with Huichyi haha.
A good adventure with her by the way,
got the wrong timing,walked all the way from Sg wang to KLCC,
checked all the phones in HTC,Nokia,Sony,Samsung, etc etc,waited until 130 and started queuing,
and then...DAMN!
They said CAT4 is not selling yet and asked us to get out of the queue!
Worse,they didn't know when is it gonna open for sale,other categories are all out except CAT4,plus CAT1 has already sold out at that moment!
bo huat. =.=

Dragged our steps to McD out of starvation,we ended up biting our burgers with lifeless expressions,looking into each other's teary eyes.
We went through every solutions,worst come,we might need to wait till the next day. :( *gloomy*
I swear we were really hopeless and so desperate that we even thought to get CAT3 instead,which is RM200 more.
Felt so sorry that Huichyi kept on calling her dad to ask if he could help us getting them online,and called another coursemate to help checking out what's wrong with the system.
*Blank stare*
(The scene was really pathetic,LOL)

After finishing,we went back to the store grabbing the last hope that it's finally out for sale!
Ahhh...that feeling was awesome.
Haha,so obviously we weren't tired anymore and in extremely fast speed,we were in Fahrenheit for some photos!
awwwyeah  the PA system there was booming with GD's songs.
Two party people hopped in joy and sang along. XD
** we actually met few school girls in uniform asking us to lend them the tickets for photos.LOL

SgWang>>Pavillion>>KLCC>>Fahrenheit>>Sg Wang ( to get the light stick)

Current checklist for the show: Get all the songs playing in head and memorize the lyrics!:P

BTW Miss Chew,
I'm waiting for my BOYLONDON shirt,wait till my neck is this looooooongggggggg.

Feel loved. <3 div="">
Thanks my 知音人!haha 
Oh ya, for those who might ask,
I have absolutely no reasons to tell why I'm into Big Bang and 2ne1 so much.
I just love the music and the way YG produced!
You might not fancy the loud music,but one day you would. Maybe.

-photos will be up later-

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