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Saturday, February 23


A day to blog?
These few days were really heart-warming out of all those crap that happened since beginning of semester 2.
Well thanks to Hweeling really,a good friend warms your heart even with a smile and simple hug without the need of words.
I'll miss you. ^3^
Hope we made your birthday memorable anyway,happy being 21 and happy pursuing what's lacking in your life.
You'll do well,and you'll be fine. :D
Maybe then distance really makes the heart grows fonder.
Sticking together only grows chaos here and there.
Human norms? Perhaps we should just expect less from others,and do only what we could to improve our EQ.
Hopefully it's a good this joyful day?

Met few friends I could hardly meet all in one day,and frankly upon next invitation to hang out,I'm only interested in another.*sorry for being harsh but your attitude screwed it up,old friend*

Another out-of-expectation surprise was to be able to talk to a high school bestie before his flight back to Korea.
HAHA.Feels great to listen to each other again and crap shit like we did before.
Good thing we never really change for these 7 years,ahhh..why sounds so old?
Thanks for the surprise! =D
Made my day!
Here's my message to you:
well yeah google translated I'm learning hangul anyway.

부디 몸조심하세요...

보고 싶다 ~~~ hwaiting!

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