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Thursday, January 10


The quote was modified a lil bit,from what ah lien wrote for me.
SLK never fails to give me motivation and positivity. =)

So,went for a workshop at 3M Company in Shah Alam ,and it was amazingly impressive.
I swear I didn't even realise the existence of the company beforehand, and thought it might just be another boring tour about dental composite in some kind of manufacturing factory.
It's unbelievable how a company can manufacture products in our daily lives, from head to toe.
The whole tour was full of "WOAH" from us while the 3M crew was explaining few examples of their innovative ideas which change the eye of public.
Even few was enough,LOL.

The workshop was fruitful too,this was the first time I enjoyed lecture and simulation so much.
CHARISMA-the best word to describe the elites in 3M.
Dr Amy Gan is totally an inspirational character,love her every tone of speech,the way she delivers talk,and flawless communication skill.(Now I got the 3rd of the most influencing characters in my list)
Dr Sunil is good too,I wish so hard to get at least one tutor in our simulation like him,so gentle,motivating,and caring!
*and of course,on top of everything,he is that kind of man that one straight woman can't take her eyes off,
he should just have a place in The Hottest Hunk in Malaysia.LOL
---and finally,my faith in dentistry is restored.XD
3M is superb!
Thumbs up for the technology,the very much appreciated courtesy,the good meal,for bringing us out of the dull studying atmosphere in faculty,the exposure to different fields a dentist can indulge in,the whole new experience...the oh-my-god so clean washroom...and everything.hahaha

A company over 100 years..something to be proud of.

The good reception that make us feel at ease throughout the workshop.

One of the eye-catching product displayed! we didn't manage to take other photos though.

My first time doing a veneer,and I'm happy with it..fine touch and  good resemblance HAHAHA SS.
-and happy to be under Dr'Sunil's guidance certainly!

Few free gifts from 3M,given away a cream to my coursemate by the way.

Recent work I've been worrying of,A DENTURE! which I really dislike.and the people too.*to be continued*

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