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Because of you I believe in dreams.

Tuesday, December 11

The randomest outing.

So we had a boring weekend as usual,preparing for never-ending minitests,
and wasting time instead of studying,as usual too.
Hence,we came out with the solution out of this boredom,and went hang out with my few housemates even it was raining anjing kucing outside.
and the feeling was........
I just love the pure randomness,anything unexpected that comes into my life,
I appreciate it and feel grateful usually.

Had a happy shopping and dining weekend of course.=)

While waiting 2 other girls in Papa John,took turns to take photo with YSMing.

And oohh yeahh bought this high-waist shorts from Treats with discount price,
I know I probably don't have a waist though.XD
and where goes the dress? gahh sometimes you shouldn't hesitate on buying items under promotion.

Tried on to this top in Nichii but didn't get it home,wouldn't want to have same styles all over my wardrobe.

**Christmas mode is on so I made Sharon to edit this for me.HOHOHO

And afterwards I made two for my friends too.HAHAHA,esp like Pao's.damn cuteee.made my day while editting this.=P

More to come! Flood the fb page with christmas profile pics!LOLL

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