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Thursday, October 25

Bits of second year.

wheehee.Am going back home tomorrow,after 2 months,aww gosh.
It's only been two months but I've so much to tell.
So,this is basically about what I've learnt,been going through,and stuffs that I did.

Teeth mounting,apparently nothing special 
but we've wasted so much time and energy to get the teeth with criteria.
Plus,Dr was never really satisfied with our work..blablabla.
This was before mounting. 

Stone denture base,now present with acrylic impression material.
I enjoyed this the most,felt like I'm an artist doing mould and trim,
except the part that competition to get lab equipment which was really annoying.

Made this with the remnants of photoplate used for special tray.
(the round one was

....and this was the rubber dam.
Driving me nuts,cried over the failure,scolded by Dr for first time ever...
and to the extent of almost given up doing the competency test.
yet eventually,I passed the competency test today,hooray! :)
*really owe it to Eugene for getting me through it*

Took the wrong bus to UIA,and we were lost.
HAHA another random trip to Gombak.XD

Housemates in farewell dinner~ Gary MIA.
Buddies... Even though I felt kinda out of place among the Taipingites,
but they treated me like their little sister,and we're getting closer this year,
which is unexpected and...feels good. =D
Little buddy wasn't there.

--oh yea,so I've got a little buddy now,she's STPM leaver with excellent grades and speaks fluent english,
but to my relief she's born in December,younger than Pauline and I..or else it'll be extremely awkward.

--I dyed my hair,but it isn't a striking one,only visible under sunlight.

--to be updated--

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