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Tuesday, February 21

Bye Mesra Ilmu,Hi Pesta Angpau!

It's sem 2.yay.
Just received drama script for PAP,and as expected I got the character who cries a lot.LOL
What a choice to our director,Khye.
Well,Mesra Ilmu was better than expected though,I was arranged to be with Jiaying and Zati(new friend) in a friendly family.
Even though they're just given RM25 for each anak angkat,they really treat us well.
Their condition was any good too,flat houses,really small bathroom and not-so-satisfying hygiene.
But we didn't care much.
After all,IBU really made good dishes and took us like her own children.
Even woke up early just to make us cakes so that we could have them on bus.
Umai and Aza were two lovely kids who spent time with us a lot.especially when Umai came to knock my door and asked on the last night,"Kak nak tido dah?"
I knew she was
so sweet.
Hopefully they will continue leading a better life,less night shifts for AYAH and better education opportunities for adiks.
Activities there,of course didn't went smoothly and was kinda screwed.
eventually,we did it.
The whole ceremony and program went on and was completed.YAY.
Someone was really really catching my attention throughout the camp.hehe.
Pray for something good ahead?=p
Goodbye,Taman Cendana residents!
Hello KL and my PAP drama!
*and my minitest next

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