Too Fast to live, too young to die.

Because of you I believe in dreams.

Friday, January 13

Not I want bo syok.

Bitches are always bitches.
Why these people just can't seem to be considerate at all??
What time is it now?
Why can't you talk less louder?
Oh I would appreciate that.
But you just won't,would you??
Oh your laughter is so cute pleaseeeee,stop that while I'm trying to concentrate!
And your every designated kind of laughter,da fuq?!
I don't mind your insincerity but at least leave me in peace please!
You're so sweet and so popular,oh damn,there're too many boys over you!
But sorry,
I don't even care a shit of it so keep it to yourself!!!
Or to gain attention you may use a loud speaker to tell the whole world instead,that you're so in dilemma which guy to choose and which guy in our campus is cute blablabla..
Fuck up,bitch!
You're here to study,though I don't mind you mingling around that's none of my business.
I doubt your profession, and hopefully dental field would not be ashamed on you.
Well just shut your mouth up at midnight,stop your "pillow talks" which is so loud until I can still hear it with my headphone on+techno music!
awwww too bad,you're too sweet to be true,just so perfect in public,
but definitely NOT good neighbours.
The End.

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