Too Fast to live, too young to die.

Because of you I believe in dreams.

Saturday, January 14

Just Blair.and few pretty boys.

And it's random.=)
Something I really like about Blair,but not Leighton Meester.
And strong character.
Endless "Wow"-giving girl,she's just amazing and sooo unique.

Something I don't like in boys,long hair.
This one looks nice C:

Something I'm crazy over Chuck Bass,and again,not Ed Westwick.
That special,"something".
LOL.It's beyond description,but I guess it's randomness and evil?
and the way he loves.aww

Something random on Korean boys group,why are all of them That's not the word I'm looking for.But being muscular doesn't mean having that something.T.O.P from Bigbang has got that "something" :*
Something that makes his voice seem so special,and I guess yes,this is my definition of hawt.
gagaaaa.Side effect of exams,too much randomness.HAHA

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