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Monday, August 8

While you're reading this post,there're children dying and almost dying throughout the world of poverty and famine.Every second counts.

Famine 30.
What a great success. It's really hard to describe how do I feel about the camp.
After all,it's just inspiring and successfully delivered the message beneath,Hunger For Health.
30 hours without solid food and full of games and activities that made us feel the harsh situation those kids are living in.
Pictures,before story begins.

A mision of World Vision-To make tomorrow a better day for children suffering from diseases due to lack of health concious,clean water supply,food and shelter.

A big group of us.=)

Captain Hungers!
From left-Boon,Dick,Jin,Shane

The LOUDEST gang in the camp
From left-Jin,CK,Jiakang,Alan,Dick,Cy,A En

Wawasan Open University,near the sea.Nice view.

Milo time~!yay

Angels and also little devils in the camp.HAHA

Sam Mah,the funniest committee.Just woke up,but still handsome. :)

Pretty camp leaders.Joanne is really pretty.

We are described as "一群疯狂的准大学生"in abang Poh's

Accidentally snapped by Song.Nice .

5th August 2011,2.00am
Just recovered after being in 39 degree celcius fever for few days.
Hands still shaking,but heart thumping non-stop,suspected to be too excited or the camp.
Me and AhEn ended up chatting till 3am something and forced ourselves to

Famine Day 1
6th August 2011,7.00am
Had a bad sleep but still crawled up and managed to reach Sejati Caltex before the rest arrived.
Dick,Alex came before Jin and Xy,who were late for 1 hour!=__=
and we couldn't have breakfast before the camp! SHIT
After picking up Serene and her hyperactive cousin,we headed to Wawasan Open University.
As any other camps,gathered in groups,got ourselves named and figured out a lame slogan.hahaha!
We are Group 7,Captain Hungers :D
Dick,Jin and me were in the same group,I don't know why.-.-( I was hoping to know new guys!aiks><)
We were given an envelope,to allow other campers to leave messages to us,which we fooled around spaming each other with meaningless comments and also,
which,I checked it out later and was touched.=]
Alan and Dick's simple messages are so sweet! *love*
Ice breaking.
Few simple games but it's fun as we have no second thoughts to play with it.
ehem..I mean,we don't really have borders of gender.If I were in KMJ,we'll definitely NOT play like this.LOL
Though later on I found out from Dick that the guys were thinking the other way.*cough,such immoral*-.-
Station games are the old station games,but part 2 with REAL MESSAGE beyond.
In part 1,I remembered rushing around but had the greatest fun.HAHA
I love the games.=p
Especially when it's singing and I answered most of the lyrics correctly!WOOHOO~!
In the IQ games too,I scored many points for my team,until our opponent waved white flag for marks from us.XD
In part 2,it's really devastating when you wouldn't know what's happening next to your life.
It's a cool game and we can feel what the needy children are feeling now.
Peace to kids of the world.=]
I think we enjoyed the Milo break to the max though,HAHA.
After playing games and singing songs, we watched video clips from World Vision.
That was heart wrenching.SAD.
So I actually made a promise to myself,that one day,when I have stable financial status,I would visit those who need us,and offer to help whatever I could.
I believe whoever joined Famine30 vowed the same way too.
You're not humane enough if you don't feel a single thing on the thought of there're millions of children can't even celebrate their 5 years old birthday.
And they don't deserve this.
They're not born to face all these hunger,inherited disease,poor health,no education,having not even one full meal,and never even taste a drop of clean,purified water in their lives!
Sigh,they really need us. So please help if you could,peeps.
Sign up with World Vision to sponsor a child,or try to spread it if you still cannot afford to do so.

Skip the sensual part first.ehem.
Mini Concert.
In the evening we're guided to the theatre for a Mini Concert by Wind Music.
Out of everybody's expectation,it was AWESOME!!!
The singers are all professionals,even though they're not contract artists,yet.
and very good looking too.
Our gang was the loudest and most active again,a bit syok sendiri.XD
Xy was on my right,so we sang along and made BIG WAVES too.haha
Serene and CM were on the other side,after Dick and Cy on my left,she was dying to sing along with me n xy.HAHAHA
We managed to catch the singers' attention and said "thank you" to us few times.LOL
For the applause and cheers and standing approaching the end of show.=D
They deserve it.The applause and everything.They were really great singers.
*you can see it from Dick's impressed face.LMAO*
Pillow Talk..?
Pajamas on.Brushed our teeth.Cleansed face.Had our temporary "beds" on the floor.
But not yet ready to least I tried,but I couldn't.=.=
It was freezing cold inside the girls' "bedroom" that I couldn't get my attention away from my shaking legs.
Luckily AhEn was also finding it hard to fall asleep and we decided to go out for a walk.haha
and then we discovered CM and the committees playing True or Dare.LOL
No pillows.No beds.
Just jackets on and when the conversation ended,we waved goodbye and entered the fridge again.
It was already 2.45am.

Famine Day 2
7th August 2011,6.30am
Early in the monring,we're waken up.
Getting frust that my hair was greasy and ugly,I gave up looking into the mirror.haha
Yes.The first thing we did was yoga.
After that more games lo.More squeezing and Dick was showing his gentleman side usual.haha
and err..what else?
I don't really remember,heh.Too hungry.
Watched 再见萤火虫,a nice movie indeed,but almost fell asleep lo.
The last part of singing camp song together was touching.
Sharing while counting down to 30 hours of completion.
The best campers gave speech,and melted my heart.
People said those who have lovely hearts have lovely faces too.It is so true.
I'm glad to know these people.=P
The first bite on the bread felt so good.ahah.
I finished the whole bun in seconds.hehe
Camwhore.Autographs.Fb exchanging.
The last session of the camp before saying goodbye.
*kachak* =p

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