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Tuesday, July 12

Bye Yeo's.

After working for 10 days as Yeo's sampling promoter, I'm back at home again waiting for my next job -Van houten :D (looking forward to having FOC choc!)
Hmm..10 days in Central Square,nothing really significant,except for making new friends and err..
I guess I won't like the smell of Cintan noodles anymore*vomit*
My "colleagues" are missing me already,HAHAHA -chialing just told me that
I know days without me are BORING.=p
I bet this is the easiest job I have ever had.
Punch card-check stock-refill stock-cook-distribute-cook again.blablabla
For the first few days I was really doing my job,but 3rd day onwards,I spent most of the time at Digi booth or at LG floor with Khersin.
Officially eating snake,of course.
But I wouldn't get caught,that's the best part.hee
There're different activities everyday, food eating contests,Astro concert or whatever,
and the case of which an Indian lady was injured by the knife falling from Secret Recipe..
There were stories each day,lol
No doubt that I enjoyed my recess time the most=D
Those fellows were busy giving me advice on preparations to make before entering university.
Mr lawyer Theomus even asked me to buy pillow.LOL
Thanks..but I'm still glad that I'd not be junior of any of you.haha=)
Good luck to future engineers,lawyer and pharmacist.
Good luck to myself too.15th July.*dubb dubb*

Nice view=.=

Astro Super Star concert or something.

Kids colouring contest.They are cute^.^

Drinks were stolen by the crowd during the concert.How sad.

Cornetto sundae-from one of my colleague.haha

GOTCHA lawyer! Ice cream while working and without me!><

Last day to wear this eyecatching RED t-shirt,yay.

*Ps: Happy Birthday Jelly Ken :P
我没有忘记七月十一号的晚上有一个不冲凉的"巨星"诞生了。哈哈哈 生日快乐水母

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