Too Fast to live, too young to die.

Because of you I believe in dreams.

Thursday, April 28

Chapter 1.第一章。

So,a group of us decided to go all the way south to Johor,
for the first time,
we gonna leave our family,friends in hometown,and perhaps lover and start to live on our own,
here I stood.
and this is my very first gang.=]

okay I don't really remember I was still having long hair when I first stepped into JMC.:/
but that doesn't matter.
hmm..and it's very obvious that the first gang is based on same hometown.haha
yeah,most of us are from SP. [I ♥ SP!!! *wink]

To the 2nd and 3rd intakes,
oh yesss LIBRARY was ONCE really a hot spot!haha

this picture definitely shows that.
In fact, it has become a social spot! I got to know most of the friends here.=D

Familiar? yep I had my very first nasi goreng mamak in Kafe B.
It ONCE tasted good,really...but this was before I got so fed up with the food.XD

Not too long after the orientation,
they left.=(
My two fellow friends from SMKI.
Leong and Wheny are always buddies with me,so imagine how hard it was to know that they're gonna leave me behind in JMC.
Of course,of that I didn't get the sponsorship from JPA for overseas studies.
(which really had torn me apart,but I'm up and about now.=D)

So,they left,but our friendship doesn't end here.=]
so did the stories in JMC...

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