Too Fast to live, too young to die.

Because of you I believe in dreams.

Friday, March 25

Thanks for the memories.

Annual dinner.
so it went on smoothly.
the venue is awkward,food weird,yet people, awesome.
it's so sweet of you.
thanks for everything you had left me in KMJ.
I have no idea what I really mean to you,
but you're certainly special for me.
as what you wrote for me, I appreciate you a lot too.
I doubt we will ever meet again after April,
perhaps we'll lose contact and probably getting busy with own stuffs in different university.
probably,everything goes on like the memory in KMJ never existed before.
probably,things will be as we expected...

but hopefully,each time you're online,drop me a message in facebook.
hopefully,you'll still text me when you're free.
hopefully,you'll remember the girl who did something different in your life...
and each time you see the thingy,
a smile will be given.

Thanks for the memories.
though it's impossible.

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