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Saturday, March 5

A dedication to all in kmj

Today's Saturday.
Tomorrow's Sunday.
LOL. what the hell am I crapping?haha
yeah it's weekend! and I've always wanna post something,but it always ends up I can't find any suitable words to describe my feeling and I'll just click onto the X button.
hmmhmm.. so today.
Everybody's in Malacca, and I'm here in KMJ.
There's nothing special.I just had a sleepover at 3rd floor last night, and pillow talk again,a nice one.
I began to feel uneasy atmosphere in KMJ,
it's like everybody is distributing their memorial book and yeahh I feel heavy-hearted.
like one of my guy friend said,
it's really amazing and unbelievable,
how we develop our friendship,bonds,and relationships here in ONLY 12 months.
Yet, this feeling is not any lesser than how we felt when we were form 5.
Final exam is approaching, and after that all of us are gonna be separated..
I know this is normal, but still it's hard to bury this feeling within.
Staircase gang , I owe you guys a big hug. seriously, I never feel this lonely. =(
Without you all, block F is sooooo quiet and abnormal.
Also to all those boys who made my days wonderful. crazy people.haha
I appreciate everyone of you here,
those who appreciate me, those who don't, and those who dislike me as well.
You are what that made my 1 year foundation in Matriculation unforgettable.
Though we might not be able to meet after May,
I believe that the memory remains,for life.

Peace, everyone.
Hope you guys will get what you want!=]
and don't forget the trip to Langkawi and Genting,and to sy, Sekinchan.haha

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